Ben Sieben


I have been collaborating with vocalists since my teenage years, and it has become perhaps the most fulfilling part of my musical career.  As with all other musical interactions, my goal with singers is to bring out the best in their musicianship, to foster growth, to make them feel comfortable and confident, and to help them achieve an honest performance.  Learning and performing vocal music is extremely rewarding to me, because few things in life are as beautiful and potentially world-changing as the musical setting of text.  Being a vessel for composers and poets is one of the greatest joys in a musician's life.

As a coach, I am comfortable with French, German, Italian, and English diction and enjoy coaching a variety of styles within art song, opera, and musical theater.  Please contact me for hourly rates.

It is not the breath that is the challenge, but the opening of oneself that must occur before the breath falls into the body ... The moment before breath is taken must be a moment of incredible and profoundly deep vulnerability if the breath is to be empowered with musical and human message.
— James Jordan