Ben Sieben


No instrumental musician's experience would be complete without collaborating with pianists on sonatas, concerti, and other accompanied works.  When accompanying musicians in high school or younger, I strive to bring energy to our rehearsals and to always teach my partner something about the music.  Playing with a pianist for the first time can be intimidating, especially if one has been rehearsing with a track or no accompaniment at all.  I enjoy working with younger students to overcome the barriers that limit many first-timers to mechanical or less-than-accurate performances.

In working with college students and professional musicians, diving deep into the musical potentials of a work is very rewarding for all involved.  In my personal preparation (practicing and listening to orchestral recordings when applicable), I aim to be ready to work on musical ideas with my partners to ensure an authentic performance that does justice to the piece and to the composer.

Please contact me for rates for rehearsals, performances, lesson accompaniment, and competitions.  Feel free to request my CV or Repertoire List.