Ben Sieben



With 25 years of pianistic training and experience, Ben Sieben is a versatile and accomplished pianist from Bay City, Texas. Ben grew up playing in church bands, rock bands, country bands, and jazz ensembles in addition to his classical piano studies. He is a prolific choral pianist, collaborative pianist, and solo artist.

Ben holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Piano Performance from Houston Baptist University and the University of Utah respectively as well as a master's degree in Collaborative Piano from the University of Colorado Boulder. His teachers have included Melissa Marse, Heather Conner, Jeremy Reger, Margaret McDonald, and Alexandra Nguyen.

Ben is passionate about vocal, instrumental, and choral accompanying and primarily works in these fields along with gigging and playing church music. He enjoys running, skiing, and traveling whenever possible. Choir tours and mission trips have taken him to Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Quebec, and Kenya.

As poets and painters of centuries have tried to tell us, art is not about the expression of talent or the making of pretty things. It is about the preservation and containment of soul. It is about arresting life and making it available for contemplation. Art captures the eternal in the everyday, and it is the eternal that feeds soul—the whole world in a grain of sand.
— Thomas Moore